Private, personal, elder care and assistance

Improving elder wellness at home using artificial intelligence to sense, respond, inform, understand, plan, predict, and act.

Our Story

Age@Home provides personal, private, artificial intelligence to assist and interact with both the elderly and their community of family, friends, and care-givers; inspired by an award-winning IBM Watson proof-of-concept.

Utilizing open-source software from Home Assistant and the LINUX Foundation's Open Horizon, the system provides distributed and decentralized edge AI to sense and respond to end-user activities and interactions.

While many approaches to assisting the elderly require devices to be worn or smartphone apps and sending data to the Cloud, Age@Home is a pervasive, but not invasive, aggregation of your Internet-of-Things (IOT) and "smart" devices and their capabilities. Analyzing data, producing information, and sensing and responding in the home; disclosing only your selected information to friends, family, or care-takers.

Our objective is to improve the lives of people, starting with the elderly, by sensing and responding in the home and leveraging communities of shared interest to improve AI's ability to understand, learn, plan, and interact.

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Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

The portfolio of AI's detect the presence of people -- and animals, vehicles, faces, posture -- and analyze that data to produce actionable information relevant for the key performance indicators:

How does it work?

Age@Home interfaces with Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, including cameras, microphones, speakers and utilizes artificial intelligence to:

  • processs sensor data into information (e.g. person detected kitchen)

  • calculate information statistics for normal to help determine abnormal conditions

  • interact for reminders, notifications, with rule-based automations

  • collect feedback enabling automated learning and improved predictions

Private sensing from IoT and personal smart devices.

Proactive engagements via voice

  • Reminders for activities, e.g. eating, bathing, ...

  • Question & Answer to request confirmation or selection of option

  • Learning from new examples based on feedback

Our Principles

We believe AI accuracy depends on data intimacy; and intimacy requires privacy.

We aspire to effect ethical AI with beneficial outcomes.

We make to help people live more satisfying and fulfilling lives.